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Students Mental Health Symposium

31/12 (21:00-03:00 HKT, 18:30-00:00 IST, 14:00-20:00 GMT, 09:00-15:00 EST, 06:00-12:00 PST


Dr Ritch Savin-Williams

The Middle Between Straight and Gay


Various parents

How parents can protect their kid's mental health


Benedict Law

Launch of the Students Mental Health Report

david lyreskog.jpeg

Dr Lyreskog & Dr Pavani

Doing mental health ethics research

vinci chan

Vinci Chan

Being a therapist and studying psychology


David Johnston OBE MP

Mental health in politics and in the government

Hayley Wilson

Hailey Wilson

Mental health research at schools


Various students

The mental health challenges that teenagers are facing

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