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819 Counselling

Many countries in the world have free and equal access to healthcare, but not many of them cover illnesses related to mental health. MHN firmly believes that anyone who is struggling and wants to get help can do so, even if they cannot afford it. This is especially true for teenagers, who cannot afford this without their parent's help.

This is why Mental Health Notebook started 819 Counselling, a program dedicated to providing free professional therapy for anyone who hopes to get better.

So, how do you sign up? It's simple. All you have to do is click on the form to the right (or below). Fill in the details required, and we will contact you when the next therapist becomes available! You will then be able to have weekly sessions with them for as long as you want. This program is also completely confidential and free (as long as you are not in danger of imminently hurting yourself, as required by the law).


Note: we are currently only able to accept applications from those who are in the UK due to complicated regulations. We are currently working hard to expand our network of therapists so we can support those of you who are from other countries.

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