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Mental Health Notebook is a charity that aims to improve the well-being of teenagers around the world. Having built a community of over 11,000 followers on social media in the past two years, we are excited to continue supporting as many of you as possible!

Since we founded MHN three years ago, we have provided thousands of free tutoring and professional therapy sessions to teenagers who hope to get better but cannot afford professional support otherwise. We also constantly work with schools and politicians worldwide, pushing them to improve their mental health provisions for students.

If you hope to contribute to our work, you can follow us on social media or join our team in the 'get involved' tab on our website.

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Our story

Discover why we founded Mental Health Notebook two years ago, what we have been able to achieve and the students we have helped since then.

Who are we?

MHN could not have accomplished anything without the hundreds of volunteers who have worked with us. Here are some of our friends who are part of the team.

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